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Meet Ali Henrie

Owner, Principal Designer

An Ali Henrie space is best described as timeless interiors for everyday living—characterized by her ability create memorable, classic spaces without sacrificing the comforts and customization of home. 


After living all over the country, Ali and her family relocated to Utah, where she founded her namesake design studio. Her diverse résumé includes working for Emily Henderson Design as well as a stent as a fashion stylist, which made her adept at mixing tones, textures, and patterns. Ali’s design work has been featured in many publications like Better Homes and Gardens. 


When she isn’t designing, you will find her looking for inspiration in her daily life as she practices yoga, skis, and spends time outdoors with her family.

Our Team

AHDHeadshots2024-2819 copy (2).JPG

Grace Ramsey

AHDHeadshots2024-2665 (2)_edited.jpg

Madi Jensen

candace hill 03.06.24 (3).jpg

Candace Hill 

AHDHeadshots2024-2445 (2).jpg

Kaylee Moes

unnamed (1).jpg

Janna Chappell

AHDHeadshots2024-2799 (1).jpg

Kinsi Scott

Operations Manager
AHDHeadshots2024-2396 (1).jpg

Kate Harvey

Operations Specialist

Kate Olsen

Office Manager

Our Values


We design homes that marry historic sensibility with modern comfort. Our work stands the test of time and trend and begs the question—was it built 5 years ago or 50?


We believe the key to great design is intentionality. Every element chosen should have both beauty and purpose—and should enhance some part of your authentic lifestyle.


What is beauty without comfort? Part of what makes our work timeless is our ability to understand how our clients live in our home and to choose design elements that embrace that.

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